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Proceeding Information

Infrastructure and Protocols
A New Idea to Simulate Performance of VoIP Network with OPNET
Sen Yang and Jie Zhang
Performance Analysis on Ping-Pong Handoff in Mobile IPV6
Hongmei Wang and Huan Zhao
The Research on the Application of Ant Colony Algorithm at Behavior Clustering of Network Users
Bin Song, Ping-Li Wang, Ling Wang and Yang Zhao
Service Ranking Based Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation Scheme and Performance Simulations
Haitao Wang and Lihua Song
An Efficient Mobility Management Scheme for Hierarchical Mobile Ipv6 Network
Yang Yi, Yong-Qiang Dong and Cheng Shen
A Congestion Control Algorithms Based on Network Measurement in Next-Generation Networks
Wei-yan Liu, Xue-lan Zou, Bi-chen Chen and Bin Liu
Investigation of Modeling and Simulation of Troposcatter Scatter Channel
Yi Wang, Weifeng He, Xinyu Da and Shuxin Chen
A Wireless Environmental Temperature Monitoring System
JunHong Dong, Ming Yin and Feng Xie
The Identification and Performance Analysis of the Fractal Characteristics of Network Traffic
XiaoYan Ma
The Computer Network with Intelligent Disks
Yun-xia Zhou, Yue-long Zhao and Xi Yang
A Visualization of All the IP Addresses That Host a Publicly Accessible Web Server
Darcy Benoit and Andr Trudel
An Improved Multi-Fractal Network Traffic Model Based on Video Traffic
Liya Huang, Suoping Wang and Yu Zhang
Research and Design of Plug-Type IP Information Monitoring Equipment Based on Parallel Algorithm
Hui-min Zhang, Chai Yi and Xiao-hong Zeng
A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Static Virtual Topology Reconfiguration in IP/WDM Optical Networks
Zhanqi Xu, Xing Jin and Zhe Ding
Power Consumption Monitor for Wireless Sensor Nodes
Fan Zhang and Wenfeng Li
Architecture of DigitalCity Based on XML and Web Services in the Internet
Zehui Xie, Hongmei Zhao, Yunfei Wang and Aijuan Dong
Trustworthy Network Architecture Based on Logic Trust Mechanism
Xiong Kun, Ji Xing and Gan Yong
Influence Analysis of HDLC Frame Alignment and ESC on Link Transport Efficiency of POS Signal
Xizai Lv, Shaojing Su and Zhiping Huang
The Protocol Design and Implementation of a JXTA Based P2P-SIP System
Zhong-xian Wu, Jiang Zhou and Wen-nai Wang
An Ant Simulated Annealing Routing Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Network
Ye Zhao, Rui Sun and Liangfeng Xu
Construction of Provider-Independent Overlay Networks with High Resilience
Xian Zhang and Chris Phillips
A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Topology Aggregation in Multidomain Optical Networks
Zhe Ding, Zhanqi Xu and Xiaodong Zeng
The Design and Implementation of Automatically Generating XML Abstract Test Cases System from E-LOTOS
Chunmei Hai, Yulan Zhao and Rengaowa Sa
Research and Implementation of IN / Internet Interworking Service
Tianping Zhang, Chengqian Ma and Yan Gao
Practical Network Coding Scheme Based on Maximum Flow Combination and Coding Node Identification
Lianlong Wu and Kevin Curran
A Hierarchical Management Architecture for Virtual Network Mapping
Bo Lv, Zhenkai Wang, Tao Huang, Jianya Chen and Yunjie Liu
Analysis on the Mechanism of the Forming and Evolution of the Firm's Innovation Networks Based on Hypercycle
Yan-ping Yang
The Channel Assignment for Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Network (WOBAN)
Xingzhou Gu, Qi Yu, Lingyun Jiang and Baomin Tang
Network Devices Fault Diagnosis Based on Rough Set Theory
Jifeng Yang, Yongzhi Liu, Liang Ma and Yang Liu
Research on the LDP Protocol Verification Based on Coloured Petri Nets
Rengaowa Sa, Yulan Zhao and Chunmei Hai
An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Duo Peng and Ming-hua Cao
A New Architecture for Converged Internet of Things
Jinxin Zhang and Mangui Liang
A Stream Media Scheduling Algorithm Based on QoS
Caifeng Liu, Maoling Han and Yang Tao
A Scheduling and Management Algorithm about Proxy Based on AFEC
Liang Chen and Dingjiu Yu
Design and Implementation of Service Control Server in IMS-Based IPTV
Jinghua Lin, Dong Yu and Shiquan Xiao
An Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Aggregated Multicast
Fengjiao Liu, Qinghua Shi and Jie Feng
An Experimental Study of the Similarity of Network Nodes Based on RTT
Nafei Zhu and Jingsha He
Overload Control for Parlay Gateway in the Next Generation Network
Zuojie Deng and Xiaolan Tan
An Active Service Interaction Architecture Based on Multi-Agent
Shunyan Wang, Quanyi Pan, Xin Cao and Yonghong Lv
Research on Transmission Network Based on Information Content
Jingyang Wang, Huilong Yang, Liang Wang, Xiaohong Wang and Pingmian Kou
Wireless Networks
The Study of Multi-User Diversity Technology Based on MIMO-OFDM for WLAN
Yang Li, Ke Zhang and Xiaodong Zhang
A Micro-Power Wireless Communication Method and Device for Local Detection and Control
Wang Hong
A Sensor Controlling Algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks Target Tracking
Jing Zhao and Jian-chao Zeng
A Design of Simple Underwater Wireless Communication System
Ying-jian Wang, Jun-hong Dong and Feng Xie
An Adaptive Traffic Allocation Algorithm in MANET
Dan-dan Sun, Chun-hong Liu and Hong-xin Zhang
Study on Antenna Pattern Synthesis in Next-Generation Mobile Communication
Li Duan, Yi-song Zhao, Yong-yi Xue, Jing-jing Xu and Xiu-lan Hao
An Energy Efficient Directed Diffusion Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Xiaoqing Zhang, Chunlin Li and Qiongfen Qian
Research on Congestion Control Mechanism for Streaming Media in Wireless Environment
Taijun Li and Heng Zhang
Design and Implementation of Wireless Mesh Network Testbed SJTU-MESH
Yue Wu, Donglai Sun, Ping Yi and Junhua Tang
Attack Model Research on Node Localization Systems of Wireless Sensor Networks
Wei Wang and Hua-kui Wang
The Simulation Algorithm Establishing Wireless Sensor Networks Communication Path Based on Ant Algorithm
Zhen-Xiang Xing and Guo-Rui Liu
Remote Monitoring System of the Motor in GPRS Based on LabVIEW and Embedded TCP/IP
Guangyou Yang, Jingjing Zhou, Xuwu Su and Zheng Zhang
Link Equation of Viral Video Service in Frequency Domain Based on Cross Entropy
Zhi-qiang Zhu, Lin Xu, Guang-yin Xu and Mang-guo Liu
Digital Signatures for Admittance Control in the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2
Ulrich Herberg, Thomas Clausen and Jerome Milan
Evaluation of Transport Layer Protocol for Satellite Communications
Hua Li, Tao Wang and Tianming Zheng
Path Availability of the Brownian Motion Mobility Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Xi Ju, Gus V. Chelli, Yifei Lu and Jun Tao
Design of Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Control System Based on ZigBee Technology in Communication Room
Bing Hu and Wenyao Fan
Research on Information Carrier Platform of Internet of Things Based on CATV Network
Yanbo Zhang
The Design and Implementation of Repeater with Digital Predistortion
Luguo Hao, Weiming Xie, Huiming Zhen, Wenbin Zeng and Jiachi Yu
Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Node Based on .Net Micro Framework
Yong Zhang and Xi-wei Guo
A Location Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ying Dai, Jianping Wang and Chongwei Zhang
Joint Network-Channel Design with Destination-Relay Feedback in Multiple-Access Relay Channel
Jishun Wang, Yun Liu, Yunhua Tan and Bocheng Zhu
Design and Implementation of Service Aggregation System
Zhang Lei
Routing Algorithm of Unequal Clusters Based on ARMA Model
Jun Li, Qingzheng Wang, Sen Gong and Yangyang Wang
Design Criteria for Distributed Multi-Layer Full-Rate Space Time Coding in Wireless Relay Networks
Jinli Yang, Zhijin Zhao and Haiquan Wang
Design and Implementation of Wireless Communication Subsystem in WLAN-Based Rescue Robot
Hao Zhao and Zhijie Liu
An Intrusion Detection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Trust Management Module
Lin Min, Nan Shi, Yue Liu and Ning Li
Research on Mobile GIS: Characteristics, Frame and Key Technologies
Guoliang Chen, Yunjia Wang and Jian Wang
Research on Topology Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Huafeng Li and Huanyan Qian
Nearly Optimal Binary Index Tree in Mobile Real Time Environment
Hai Wu and Yansheng Lu
Channel Assignment Algorithm Based on Dissymmetrical Model for Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Network
Dawei Ma and Xiaoxia Sha
Performance Study on Spectrum Spreading and Scrambling Code in TD-SCDMA
Haiyang Fu, Laiqiang Zhao, Jijiang Chen and Xiangdong Jia
A Failure Model Based Node Assignment Algorithm in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Weizhong Luo
Dynamic Uplink Power Allocation with Hierarchical Interference Bound for Multi-Cell Multi-User Cognitive Radio System
Shunxi Gao, Long Zhang, Suqin Fan, Jianping Wang and Yu Deng
A Capacity Improvement Method for MIMO Systems at Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio Levels
Guoyan Li and Youguang Zhang
Backoff Window Based on Congestion Prediction Algorithm in Wireless Networks
Feng He, Hao Ma and Kuan Hao
A Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Group-Oriented Cryptography
Juwei Zhang and Liwen Zhang
Mobile-Assisted Localization Scheme Based on Flat Scenery for Wireless Sensor Network
Binwei Deng and Guangming Huang
An Algorithm of Cache Preloading in Cooperative Caching Based on Ad Hoc Network
Wanjin Xu, Jianyong Sun and Xiaolin Chen
Security Strategy of MANET Based on Identity-Based Cryptosystems
Li Wang and Jiu Hui Zhang
A Mechanism Based on Node Cooperation for Improving DCF 0/1 Fairness in Ad Hoc Networks
Lei Lei, Jiamin Tian and Weiling Cai
A Scheme of Cooperative Cache Placement in MANETs
Jianyong Sun, Wanjin Xu and Xiaolin Chen
Design of Wireless Network Communication Node Based on SimpliciTI
Weijie Lu, Dequan Zhang, Xi Chen and Weifeng Lu
Research on Wireless Communication Networks in the 60GHz Frequency Band
Honghua Xu and Ke Liu
Research of Real-Time WLAN MAC Protocol
Xiao-ying Shuai, Hai-sheng Huang and Dong-ben Lian
Application of WSN of Polling System with Vacations and Using Gated Services in Forest Fire Prevention
Hongwei Ding, Dongfeng Zhao, Yifan Zhao and Zhenggang Liu
T Research and Realization of PADS Optimum Reception Pattern
Zhongnian Li, Baoguo Wang and Qi Liu
Applications of Internet
Proposed IPV6 Aggregation Scheme
Obinna E. Okonor and M. A. Ahaneku
An Improved Self-Organizing Network Routing Model
Aiwang Chen, Rong Wang and Hua Guan
Distribution of Locations of Peers in BT Swarms
Lidong Yu and Ming Chen
The Research on the Mutual Benefit Stereotype of Network Theory and Empirical Based on the Relationship Value
Wei Zhang, Jing-dong Chen and Jiao Xue
WINPLEM: A Windows-Based Packet-Level Network Emulator
Jing Cong, Zichao Wang and Yanxia Jia
Similarity-Based Semantics Searching in Super-Peer Network Model
Ge Yu and Ting Yan
Research on Resource Self-Organizing Model for Cloud Computing
Weiwei Lin and Deyu Qi
A Correlation-Based Clustering Hierarchical P2P Network Model
Li Yuan and Shixiong Xia
DistrBit-BitTorrent Distribution Service
Cailan Zhou and He Chuang
The Automatic Identification Technology about Abnormal Activity Based on Seismic Prediction Efficiency
Jingquan Cao, Hongli Guo, Jianguo Wang, Cuizhi Wang, Zilin Ding and Xun Gao
Privacy-Preserving Trust Management for Social-Based P2P Networks
An'an Luo, Liqin Tian and Chuang Lin
ClusterStream: A P2P Streaming Service Based on Regular Structured Model
Shi Cheng, Chanle Wu, Jun Yue and Lian He
P4P Gnutella: A Novel P4P-Based Gnutella Routing Algorithm in P2P
Zhengwei Guo, Huaipo Yang and Shuai Yang
Peer to Peer Botnet Detection Using Data Mining Scheme
Wen-Hwa Liao and Chia-Ching Chang
A Cheat-Detection Method Based on Fuzzy Synthesis Decision for Aimbot Cheating
Xiang-Bin Shi, Xiao-Xue Zhou, Fang Liu and Ying Wang
An Anti-Exposure of Information Algorithm Based on Awareness Model in MMOG
Fang Liu, Qin Dai and Xiangbin Shi
Research on the Collusion Problem for MMOG
Xiang-Bin Shi, Ying Wang, Fang Liu and Xiao-Xue Zhou
The Research on Incentive Mechanism for P2P MMOG
Xiang-Bin Shi, Zhong-Wei Wang, Fang Liu and Dan Yang
Research on Service Management Techniques for P2P MMOG
Xiang-Bin Shi, Dan Yang, Ling Du and Zhong-Wei Wang
Research of Load Balancing Algorithm in DHT Based P2P Systems
Jun Cheng
Web-Based Services
A Research on E-Commerce System Security Evaluation
Xin Li, Chunxiao Liu and Linna Xu
Research on the Technological Restrictions and Mobile Learning Market Potential
Feng Hu, Xiaoxiao Feng and Xiaohui Sun
Study on Personalized Search Engine Based on Files
Shu-hong Yang and Fu-liang Wang
The Design of EDI International Standard Translator Launching in Shang-Hai EDI Center
Zhong-ren Jiang
Research on the Development of Internet-Based Virtual Industry Cluster: Take Alibaba Group as an Example
Shao Peng
A Probe into Network Teaching Based on Life Cycle Method
Dajie Fu and Lin Tang
Study on Application of E-Business System Based on Ajax Technology
Zhiqiang Li
Optimizing E-Government IT Investment Management by E-Government Architecture
Tianbao Qin
Emergence Research with Quantifications of Lib2.0 Collective Implementation Based on System-Oriented Evolution
Haidong Yu, Wenhui Tang, Qihua Tian and Yunfeng Luo
Research of Generating Skill Operation Paper Based on Constraint Satisfaction
Yaofei Chen, Huantong Chen and Yinghua Ni
An Approach to Distributed Ontology Publication and Its Application in SWS Discovery Based on P2P
Yun Zhao, Huayou Si, Hengnian Qi and Yulin Ni
The Design and Development of 3G English M-Learning Platform
Cheng Gong and Jingde Hu
Suggestions on the Improvement of E-Government Performance
Jin Li
Study on Trust Mechanism of SNS Website
Shu-jing Lu and Jue-yi Wu
Analysis of the Potential of E-Commerce Market in Rural Areas
Huili Bao and Cuihong Wu
Innovation Services of Tour Mobile E-Commerce Areas
XiaoJin Zhang and Cuihong Wu
Application Research of RSS in Library and Information
Xiaoqing Qi and Zichen Li
Research on Current Development Situation of Mobile Phone Literature
Zichen Li and Lifang Li
Realization of Internet Content Filtering
Xiaoqing Qi and Zichen Li
The Internet of Things Based on Embedded Mode Design
Yang Yang, Yao-he Liu and Ting-xin Song
Design of E-Commerce Personalized Service Model Based on Web Mining
Chaoyang Ji, Kai Wang and Xue Chen
Study on the Web Site of Reach-Me-Down Bargaining Based on Campus Network
Xian Sun and Weihua Zhou
E-Government: Towards a Government in the Sunshine
Xiao-dong Zheng
The Disintermediation in Advertising Brought about by Search Engine: Based on an Analysis of Google Advertising System
Junbin Su
Personalized Context-Aware Rating Prediction Model and Recommendation Approach Based on Neural Network
Jiang Feng
The Competitiveness of Chinese Textile and Apparel Industry in Global Value Chain
Junli Zhao
The Change of Learning Mode Based on New Internet Technology
Xing Fang and Zhang Lin
Research on Online Payment Pattern and Security Strategy of E-Commerce
Yifei Zhang
Digital Integrated Model of Government Resources under E-Government Environment
Junping Qiu, Yanhui Song and Siluo Yang
The Development and Present Situation of Public Service through E-Government
Yueqian Xu
Wet Marketing Will Become the Core of a Network Marketing Business to the Young People by the Enterprise
Yiqian Lu, Shiwei Lin and Hailan Pan
The Mediation of Data Heterogeneity in Web Services Composition
Song Guo, Xiongying Sun and Xinyang Henan
The Discussion on Evaluation Methods of Convergence of Informatization and Industrialization
Hai-wei Tong, Ting-jie Lv and Pei Huang
Transforming Design Education
Eirik Heintz
Studies on the Attitudes and Behaviors of Chinese College Students to E-Tourism
Li Zheng
Design and Practice of GPS Inspection Data Acquisition System to Telecom Pipeline Network
Hong-quan Xie, Yuan-quan Guo and Yue-jun Yu
Research on the Safety Assessment of Identity Authentication in Mobile-Commerce System Based on Hierarchical Analysis Method
Naidong Zhao and Runtong Zhang
Machine Learning Applications in Rough Set Theory
Wenshan Wei and Haihua Li
Investigation and Analysis on Self-Regulated Learning Abilities of Undergraduate Students under the Network Environment
Li Zheng
Information Security Risk Assessment Model Based on OCTAVE for E-Government
Xin-ming Chen and Ning Wen
Research on Evaluation Index System for Regional Software Industry Development
Gang Li, MingLe Zhou, HuoMin Dong and Min Li
A Mobile PC Workstation for Bedside Nursing Activities
L. Pecchia, C. Brancaleone and A. Pepino
Development of an Online Real-Time Video Presentation System in Education
Xiaogang Luo, Leyi Cai and Ying Ying
An Approach to Service and Cloud Computing Oriented Web GIS Application
Xiaolin Lu
Study on General Statistic Chart Drawing Based on OWC
Rui-fang Li and Xiao-hong Yu
A Quantitative Research on Influencing Factors of the Behavior That Consumers Buying Diamond Jewelry on Line
Yan-ping Yang and Qi Li
Legal Risk Management in Enterprise E-Transaction
Chuancai Wang
E-Government Construction in Chongqing from the Perspective of Balanced Development
Peng Wang
An Empirical Research of Online Flow and Customer Loyalty
Jun Xue
Research of E-Learning Resource Management & Distribution System Using JXTA P2P Network
Qianggen Yang
What Affects Government Credit Information Systems Diffusion: An Empirical Investigation of Shanghai
Yinbin Liu, Hongbo Li, Guixiang Ma and Yong Chen
Study and Development of Public Transport Query System Based on WebGIS
Hai-xin Liu, Cui-mei Shi and Jun-fu Li
Discipline-Ontology Based Learning Resources Semantic Retrieval Algorithm
Qing Yang and Jiaquan Xiao
Research on Present Functions, Future Prospect and Taxation Management of Internet Virtual Money
Jun Cui
The Impact Mechanism of Consumer Perceived Risk on Purchase Intention under the C2C Model
Yaping Chang and Jin Luo
Research on Tunnel Phenomenon in Focused Crawler
Chun Yan and Hang Zhang
Explore Web Services for Open Educational Resource Sharing Platform
Yu Sun and Guobin Li
The Theoretical Models Research of E-Government under the Paradigm of Complex System
Zhe Liu
Research on Trust Management in Electronic Commerce
Zhao-min Li and Jing-qin Su
On Legal Issues and Countermeasures of E-Tickets in International Air Transportation
Yupeng Dong
A Dynamic Item-Based Weight Collaborative Recommendation Algorithm
Xiao-hong Yu, Jian-wei Wu and Wen-qing Chen
Research on Navigation Model for Ontology-Based Online Administrative Permit
Liyun Qi, Yingchao Jia and Mingming Jiang
Study on the Emergency Service Functions of Government Websites
Junping Qiu and Fangfang Wen
Fengjing Town Tourism Site Planning and Design
Xumei Yang and Cuihong Wu
C2C E-Commerce Credit Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Multi-Factors
Qingquan He and Yuanmei Zou
Pilot Study about Internet Writing Behaviors in Chinese Context
Chih-Chung Chen
Design of Argumentation-Based Multi-Agent Negotiation System Oriented to E-Commerce
Ge Zhang, Guo-Rui Jiang and Ti-Yun Huang
Implementation for Electronic Seal-Stamping Using Self-Certified Public Key in E-Commerce
Shijin Yuan, Bin Mu and Xianing Zhang
The Path Innovation of China's Cities' Digital Management -- Based on Digital City Model
Li Lin and Dirong Cao
Research of Nodes Intimacy in SNS Networks
Yuan-yuan Yang, Su-fen Dong, Gui-fa Teng and Wei Yao
Study on the Service-Oriented Spatial Information Sharing Model
Gang Tao, Tian-he Chi, Ling Peng and Gui-xiang Zheng
Research on Construction of Volunteer Information Platform
Zhiming Feng
Study on Logistics Business Process Composable Modeling and Simulation in E-Business
Kaiyu Yang, Wenfeng Li, Yu Zhang, Lei Zhang, Jun Wang and Yuanyuan Lv
Study on the Service Quantitative Evaluation of Basic-Level Bureaucrats in the Environment of E-Government
J. J. Yang and B. H. Ke
The Development of Text to Scene Tool for Aiding Children's Spatial Knowledge Understanding and Language Learning
X. Zeng and Manling Tan
Mobile Augmented Reality for Enhancing E-Learning and E-Business
Suya You and Ulrich Neumann
A SWOT Analysis on the E-Commerce of Chinese Foreign Trade
Bin Yu and Huimin Liu
The Application of Multimedia Courses in Academic Library Freshmen Instruction
Li-hua Zhu
User Information Literacy Education Based on the Library Website
Mei-hua Xu
A New Operation Model of E-Business
Song Bo and Haiwei Zhang
Prospects for Application of E-Commerce in International through Railway: Taking Hohhot to Frankfurt Container Train for Example
Guo Ping
Research on Personalized Recommendation Model Based on Dynamic Interestingness for Online Hotel Reservation
Yu-ning Xiong and Li-xiao Geng
Power Web GIS Based on Oracle MapViewer
Kehe Wu, Xuewei Bai and Xiaohui Wang
Architecture of Well-Logging Data Transmission System Based on Web Services
Fuming Zhang and Cairui Shao
Using Multi-Level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method to Evaluate the E-Commerce Website Credibility
Dan Zhao
The Simulation of Bank Queuing Business Based on Event Scheduling
Chao Yin
New Development of Argumentation-Based Negotiation
Xuejie Dong, Guorui Jiang and Tiyun Huang
Ponder on a New Internet City Lifecycle Urban Design Pattern of Health and Sustainability
Hongyu Zhao, Sheng Chang and Xiangmin Guo
Research of E-Government Collaboration Service Model
Shuchu Xiong and Yihui Luo
A Method of Web Service Composition Based on Bipartite Graph Optimal Matching and QoS
Cui-Qing Jiang, Wei Du and Cheng-Cheng Yi
Demand Characteristics of Emergency Supplies and Demand Forecasting Model
Rui Li
The Catastrophe Formation Mechanism Research of Three Gorges Reservoir Area Based on the Bayesian Networks Model
Rui Li
The Water Pollution Emergency Material Requirement Forecast Research of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Rui Li
A Framework of Simulation for Cluster Supply Chain Collaboration
Jizi Li, Aping Yuan and Qiang Wu
Data Mining
Using Data Mining Techniques in Web-Based Instruction Data Analysis
Ming-hai Yao, Xi-zi Jin and Na Wang
A Data Mining Model and Methods Based on Multimedia Database
Changchun Yang and Li Yi
An Implement of Cache Structure in LE-OLAP
Dongfei Liu and Peng Yu
Automated Comparison Algorithm of Firearm Bullets
Ming Li and Qiaoxian Zheng
Research on Network Chinese Pornography Characteristic and Corresponding Filtering System's Model
Yu-zhong Peng
An Empirical Study on Industrial Selection for ODI of Bulk Commodities in the Internet World
Kai Hao, Juanjuan Ding and Huiying Shang
Classification Rules Mining Based on Intent Reduction
Bin Ge and Xiang-rui Meng
The Research of Artificial Neural Network Based on Nonparametric Regression Theory
Jinyu Zhang
Artificial Joint Surface Fitting Based on Moving Least Squares Methods
Xiangyang Jin
Three Dimensional Reconstruction and Key Technology Study for Knee Joint Slice Medical Images
Xiangyang Jin
Potential Supply of Cultivated Land under the Land Consolidation of Rural Residential Areas Based on GIS
Xuesong Kong, Yanfang Liu, Yafeng Zou and Yiyun Chen
The Optimization of Large Scale Multiple Kernel SVM Based on K-Means Clustering in Kernel Space
Hua Qin, Min Zhang, Xi Qin and Yi-dan Su
An Algorithm of Commodities Association Rules Mining in E-Commerce Based on Rough Set
Yun Peng and Hongxin Wan
The Researches on Relationship between Corporate Governance and Audit Fees in China Capital Market
Wang Hui
A Concept Similarity Computation for Ontology Mapping
Xiquan Yang, Weizhou Guan, Binbin Yu and Na Jia
Sampling Based N-Hash Algorithm for Searching Frequent Itemset
Yong-ming Chen and Mei-ling Zhu
Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets Based on Dynamic Ant Colony Optimization
Hongxing Huang, Lin Jing and Xipei Huang
Quantitative Assessment of Hydraulic Erosion Based on Data Mining of RS and GIS
Wen-xia Qiu
Research on Web Document Summarization
Zengmin Geng, Jujian Zhang, Xuefei Li, Jianxia Du and Zhengdong Liu
Winnowing-Based Similar Text Positioning Method
Du Zou, Wei-Jiang Long and Zhang Ling
A Technique of E-Commerce Goods Classification and Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Set
Hongxin Wan and Yun Peng
Research a New Method of Search Engine Optimization
Huanjiong Zhang
Hypothesis Testing Based Knowledge Discovery in Distributed Multiple Data Sources
Shilei Bai, Hui Ren, Wei Jiang and Yujian Jiang
Ontology-Based Interactive Question and Answering System
Li Liu, Quan Qi and Fangfang Li
Improved C4.5 Decision Tree
Wenguang Jia and LiJing Huang
Data Mining in Inconsistent Data
Xilei Wang, Yongjun Ma and Xin Li
Detecting Deviants over Data Streams
Xia Wei and Wei Zhang
A Multiclass SVM Method via Probabilistic Error-Correcting Output Codes
Zhanyi Wang, Weiran Xu, Jiani Hu and Jun Guo
Evaluation of Tumor Treatment Effect Based on Data Mining Technology
Hui-liang Zhao, Jian-min He and Yue-feng Zhang
Research on Improving Operation Efficiency of Oil Refining Equipment Using Data Mining Technology
Jun-qi Wang and Jing-dong Zhu
Design and Implement an Interactive Fuzzy Analyzing and Mining Tool
Yan-hong Li
A New Method for Threading Binary-Trees
Yongkui Liu, Linghua Li, Wei Li, Kejie Yuan and Borut Zalik
Research of Electronic Commercial Credit Rating Based on Neural Network with Principal Component Analysis
Xiang-hong Xue and Xiao-feng Xue
Research on Heuristic Knowledge Reduction Algorithm for Incomplete Decision Table
Xiaopeng Dai and Dahong Xiong
Based on Entity Recognition Link Related Structured Data and XML Document
Kejun Zhao, Yang Liu, Qi Liu and Shanyong Yang
Overview of Ontology-Based Information Extraction
Xiquan Yang, Rui Gao and Xiao Meng
RtoC: A New Concept Lattice Building Method by RST
Yuxi Gao and Chongyang Shi
Improvement and Application of TF?IDF Method Based on Text Classification
Qiaoyan Kuang and Xiaoming Xu
Semantic-Based Feature Vector Matching for Heterogeneous Databases
Xiaolei Wang, Yanfang Le, Yongmin Yan and Dai Qin
Research on Improved Quality Measures for the Fuzzy Association Rules of One Airborne Radar Intelligence Database
Jian Cui, Qiang Li, Long-Po Yang and Yong Liu
A Networked Approach for User Valuation in Telecommunication Networks
Jian Jiang, Hai-su Zhang and Dong-jie Zhao
Bayesian Network Based 3D Spatial Modeling Technology and Application
Lianying Sun and Tao Peng
The Forecasting Model of Futures Market Based on Time Series Analysis
Junfeng Tian, Anyuan Deng and Huang Wei
Research about Spatial Interpolation of Rainfall Aiming at Soil Erosion Evaluation
Wan-rong Xue, Zheng Lu and Hui-xi Xu
A LDA-Based Approach for Interactive Web Mining of Topic Evolutionary Patterns
Bin Zhou, Jiuming Huang and Kai Cui
Research on Visual Decision Support System Based on Management of Petroleum Enterprise
Wen-yu Zhang and Nan Zheng
The Study on Policy Addresses of Macao SAR (2000-2009): A Text Mining Analysis
Shianghau Wu and Jiannjong Guo
Algorithms, Multimedia and Security
An Algorithm to Calculate the Diameter of Triple-Loop Networks TL(N;1,s,s+2)
Wei-peng Tai and Mu-yun Fang
IP Tracking for DoS/DDoS -- State of the Art
Yulin Wang and Dongliang Xiong
Research on Layered Network Security Architecture Modeling Based on Stochastic Petri Nets
Hang Chen and Jun Tao
Analysis for Botnet Detection Techniques
Ying Wang and ZhiGang Jin
Improvement of Lee-Kim-Yoo Password-Based Key Agreement Scheme
Rui Zhang, Debiao He and Jianhua Chen
A Novel Efficient Group Key Management Method for Large Group Communication
Kan Zhou, Changsheng Wan, Aiqun Hu and Yubo Song
Research of the Improved Identity Authentication System Based on PKI in Virtual SAN
Jingjing Li, Dongmei Zhou and Hongyu Dong
Trusted Computing Based on Virtualization
Jiang Bin
DDos Attack Source Tracing Technology Research Based on IPv6
Han-yu Lu, Hong Lian, He-chuang Wang, Hua-jun Wang and Xu-ben Wang
On/Off Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme
Xiaoming Wang
Research on Parallel Calculation of Fast Fourier Transform Based on Complex Sequence
Da Lu and Hanqing Fan
The Construction of User Credit Assessment Mechanism Applied in Broadband Network New Media Service Supervision
Fang Liu, Sanxing Cao, Rui Lv and Zhiwu Su
Research of Key Problem of Receiving and Recovery of Signal Based on Wide Band Receiver
Da-li Zhu, Peng He and Jing-qin Zhang
Modeling on Secure Data Aggregation of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Evaluation of Creditability
Xiangdong Hu and Hui Tang
A Trusted Efficient Group Key Management Protocol
WenZhong Yang, ZhenYu Zhang and XiaoHong Wu
Research on Detection Speed Improvement of Snort
Qingduan Meng, Xiaoling Zhang and Dongwei Lv
Improved AC_BMH Algorithm for String Matching
Qingduan Meng, Xiaoling Zhang and Dongwei Lv
HRTF and Neural Network Based Prediction and Simulation Method for Indoor Sports Acoustic
Lu Ye
The Advanced Data Recovery Technology Based on the Log Recovery
Zhi-gao Zheng and Yu-ting Wang
Research on Network System Risk Assessment Using Risk Transmission
Jiayuan Lu
On the Security of ID-Based One-Off Blind Public Key
Jianhong Zhang and Xue Liu
Research on Network Security Situation Awareness Based on Association Rule
Li Yu
Research on Trusted Platform Network Access Control Technology
Xiaochen Liu, Gongxuan Zhang, Bin Song and Jingwei Wan
MP4 File Creator for SVC Adaptive Video Streaming
Hai Gao, Jo Yew Tham, Kwong Huang Goh, Wei Siong Lee and Kok Seng Aw
Design and Implement of Variable Rate Audio and Video Surveillance System Based on DM642 in Mobile Communication Network
Hua Zhao, Kuixi Yin and Yong Wu
Research on A New Method for Mixing Play Audio Files Data
Jingyang Wang, Min Huang, Huiyong Wang, Xiaohong Wang and Pingmian Kou
Assessing Voice Quality of Ground-to-Air Radio Networking System
Xi Liu, Chang Tian and Ru Bai
A Content-Based Publish-Subscribe Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Tao Xue and Rui Zhou
The Parallel Computation of Two Grid with a Kind of Singular Sturm-Liouville Problems
Xiaojun Zhou
Dynamic Relatedness Analysis of the Exchange Rate and the Stock Market Returns' Volatility with a Factor of U.S. Stock Market Returns: An Evidence Study of Thailand Country
Wann-Jyi Horng, Ching-Huei Chen and Weir-Sen Lin
A Proxy Blind Signature Scheme Based on DLP
Jingfeng Su and Juxia Liu
Research on Prosody Modeling in Chinese Speech Synthesis
Bao-chen Jiang and Pei-gang He
Analysis on Building Essential of Share Data Disaster Backup Center Based on Network
MingLe Zhou, HuoMin Dong, Gang Li and Min Li
A Collision Detection Algorithm Based on Modified Quantum Genetic Algorithm
Jue Wu, Lixue Chen, Lingxi Peng and Lei Yang
Video Stream Groupcast Optimization in WLAN
Zhengyong Feng, Guangjun Wen, Chunlei Yin and Hongsheng Liu
Security for Video Surveillance with Privacy
Jie Shen and XiaoYu Zheng
Privacy Domain-Specific Ontology Building and Consistency Analysis
Li Cai, Cheng Lu and Chunjie Zhang
A Intelligent Prediction Model of Network Traffic
Enhai Liu, Yan Liu and Ruimin Pan
The Improvement of DTW Algorithm in Speech Recognition
Dexiang Zhou and Jixin Zhang
A Lossy Image Coding for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Longmei Zhang and Haoshan Shi
Research of Trust Evaluation Based on Inherent Vector and Cloud Model
Yan Chang, Lili Yan and Guihua Han
A Survey of Detecting Methods of Information Flow to Find Convert Channel
Mingxin Yang and Yuheng Wang
A Construction Method of Niederreiter Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on Quantum LDPC Codes
Dong Cao and Yaoliang Song
On Authentication System Based on 802.1X Protocol in LAN
Qiongfen Qian, Chunlin Li and Xiaoqing Zhang
The Research of PAS's Graphical Configuration Simulation Based on Fluid Network Theory
Ting Wang, Meng-qin Liang, Shu-jin Huang and Ping Wang
Anonymizing Network Addresses Based on Clustering Subnets
Yi Tang and Yuanyuan Wu
The Vulnerability and Solution of TCP Persistent Timer in Linux
Man-sha Lu
Cross-AS Traceback Based on Packet Marking
Yonghui Li, Yulong Wang, Fangchun Yang and Sen Su
A Short Identity-Based Group Signature Scheme from Bilinear Pairing
Khalid O. Elaalim and Shoubao Yang
Research on Early Detection of Internet Worm Burst
Wenguo Wang and Yuyou He
Research on Genetic Algorithms-Based in Privacy Automated Negotiation
Li Cai, Lijun Yan and Chunjie Zhang
Using AES to Enhance the Security of Internet Payment Protocols
He Huang
Design and Implementation of Remote Parallel Computing System Based on Multi-Platform
Pei-qin Fan, Liang-long Da, Xiao-Ting Lu and Chao-bo Jin
Protocol Automatic Tool Based on CS Logic
Jinshu Han and Haojun Zhang
Research on Architecture of Multimedia and Its Design Based on Android
Maoqiang Song, Wenkuo Xiong and Xiangling Fu
Risk and Prevention on Information Security of E-Governmental Administration
Jun Wang
Survey on New Solutions against SIP-Based Attacks Detection and Prevention
Hongbin Li, Hu Lin and Xuehua Yang
Wavelet-Based Surface Texture Image Compression and Construction
Rongyi He and Muwei Jian
Optimization of the Neural-Network-Based Multiple Classifiers Intrusion Detection System
Xiangmei Li
StarEAI+: A Heterogeneous Data Integration Platform Based on Automatic Mapping Technology
Jiajia Miao, Dongge Zhang, Aiping Li, Jia Yan and Siyu Jiang
Cryptanalysis of Lin et al.'s Efficient Block-Cipher-Based Hash Function
Bozhong Liu, Zheng Gong, Xiaohong Chen, Weidong Qiu and Dong Zheng
Information Hiding Algorithm for Palette Images Based on HVS
Junling Ren and Zhifeng Ma
An Efficient Identity-Based Threshold Signature
Yong-jun Geng and Fu-yan Chen
Improved Humming Music Retrieval Method Based on Wavelet Transformation and Dynamic Time Warping
Fan Zhang, Sufen Dong, Guifa Teng and Jie Yao
Secure Physical Layer Network Coding: Challenges and Directions
Wai-Xi Liu, Shun-Zheng Yu, Jun Cai and Dong Tang
Research and Application of the Transparent Document Encryption Gateway in Information Leakage Prevention
Liling Xie
An Impeaching System Based on Bit Commitment with Revocable Anonymity
Weidong Qiu, Bozhong Liu and Shaopei Shi
Research on a Multi-Level Security Model for Network Isolation
Hong-gang Lin and Lin Chen
Study and Design on JGroups Based Multi-Broker-Nodes Model
Yuanhe Tang and Lei Xu
Application of Role-Based Access Control in Network Management System
Chuntao Wang and Suxia Ma
Parallel Gabor Wavelet Transform for Edge Detection
Zhongliang Fu, Chunya Tong, Yan Huang and Fan Zhou
Adaptive Genetic Algorithm with Application for Solving Traveling Salesman Problems
Yu Yang, Hongwei Dai and Hui Li
Group Security Communication Strategy with Non-Trusted Authority
Li Wang and Tian Qin Wang
Preserving Privacy in Social Networks against Homogeneity Attack
Rui Zhang and Binbin Qu
Liveness Property Safety Rules of Multi-Action Based on TLA+
Liang Wan, Juntao Li and Zhengyi Tang
A Method for Hidden Process Detection Based on Routines of Thread Scheduling List
Wandong Pu, Jiang Yu, Jun Chang and Yinshan Liu
Research on the Layout of Distribution Centers of Express Enterprise for E-Ecommerce
Jie Du, Lu Wang, Yinsheng Li and Liyuan Wang
Formation Switching Strategy of Multi-NPC Suitable for MMOG
Xiang-Bin Shi, Ming Luo and Jing Bi
A Melody Matching and Retrieval Approach to Query by Humming in Music Retrieval System
Xiang-bin Shi, Lin Zhang, Jie-hong Wu and Ming Liu
Modeling and Simulation of the Invulnerability of Space Information Network
Dong-jie Zhao, Hai-tao Yang, Jian Jiang and Yu He
An Improved Onset Detection Algorithm
Xiang-Bin Shi, Ming Liu, Jie-Hong Wu and Lin Zhang
Developing a SSH Dictionary Attack Defense System in the Multi Platform Environments through the Analyzing Log
Yen-Ning Su, Yueh-Hung Chen, Guang-Han Chung and Benjamin Jenghorng Wu
An Improved Adaptive Decomposition Method in Parallel DSMC
Pin Wu, Wei Wu and Weilie Shang
Research on Applications of Chaos Cryptography to M-Commerce Security
Hai-Chun Wang and Xiao-Xian Wang
Research on Cooperative Anti-Worm System Model Based on Distributed Honeypots
Ran Zhang, Weili Yao and Zhongtian Jia
SVM-Based Multi-Hop Video Packet Delay Bound Violation Modeling over Mesh Networks
Yunsheng Zhang, Shixin Sun and Zhihai He
An Improved P2P Architecture for Federated D-IDS
Jue Zhang, Su Xu and Zhen Liu
Systems and Applications of Computer Technologies
The Research Based on Mobile Devices Accessing Mechanism in Pervasive Grid Environment
Chong Ye, Chunlin Li and Sichong Qian
The Study of the Development of the Digital Tourism Scenic Spots in China and Countermeasures
Chuantong Zhang
The Study of Satisfaction Based on System Test Method
Jian-Bin Song and Huang Fei
Based on Industrial Ethernet Networking of CNC Machine Tool Monitoring System Design
Zhong-jie Zhang
Key Techniques of Multicast Communication for Network on Chip
Jingling Yuan, Hua Liu, Xing Jiang, Wei Xie and Xiaoli Wang
FFT Based Blind Watermarking Algorithm for Three Dimensional Motion Picture
Lu Ye
Study on Digital Management of Industrial Water System in Steel Industry
Suqin Li and Jiangwei Wang
Small-World Network Based on Sensor Grid Resource Discover Algorithm
Yao-dong Hu, Yin-tao Fan and Chun-lin Li
Design of Distributed Network Management System Base on Web and CORBA
Jingyang Wang, Liwei Guo, Xiaohong Wang and Pingmian Kou
SaaS Based Education Management Platform
Qifan Yang and Linjie Lu
Study on Integrated Method of Files Management Based on Cooperative OA
Guo-hui Wu, Le He, Xiao-wei Wang and Kan Wei
Electronic Campus Administrative System Load Equalization Analysis and Project Design
Wenrui Ou and Wenxing Wang
Design and Implementation of WebGIS for State-Owned Assets Management Based on MapXtreme and .NET
Hai-feng Li
Grid Task Scheduling Based on Advanced No Velocity PSO
Meihong Wang, Wenhua Zeng and Keqing Wu
Research on the Adaptable Reputation-Based Scheduling for Storage Resources in Data Grids
Wei Liu, Xun Huang and Wei Du
Research of Unstructured Data Transformation Based on XML
Tao Peng, Lianying Sun and Hong Bao
Design and Implementation of Linux-Based IPv4/IPv6 Translation Gateway
Fuxiang Gao, Yanyan Wang, Wenjun Shen, Lan Yao, Lantao Liu and Yanfang Zhang
Bottleneck Problems of LCORS and Feasibility of New Technologies
Jian Li
Design and Implementation of Stowage Module of Unified Logistics Information System
Xing-Zhi Lin
A New Replica Selection Strategy Based on Combination Algorithm
Zheng-wei Guo, Ning Li, Hui Li and Nan Shi
J2EE and SSH2 Based ERP for Denture Processing Industry
Xiaolin Lu
Panoramic Geological Field Outcrops Image Information System
Man Wang, Linfu Xue, Yingwei Wang, Wenqing Li and Chunyan Deng
A Program-and-User Based File Access Prediction Model
Haiyan Hu and Depei Qian
Land Element, Economic Growth, Land Utilization and Management: A Case Study in Guangdong Province of China
Mingfeng Li
Study of Industry-Oriented Basic Software Platform for Mobile Terminals
Xuhui Huang and Ouyang Hao
Study and Implementation of Multi-User Virtual Reality System Interactive Architecture
Zhenhai Long and Hong Lin
Design and Study of GIS-Based Optical Cable Information System
Gang Tao, Tian-he Chi and Gui-xiang Zheng
Study on Henan Economic and Social Development Strategies Based on Principle Component Analysis
Xiaomei Wang and Fei Tang
Enhancing Sweep Efficiency Using Streamline Simulation
Xiao-qi Chen, Hong-jun Yin, Fu-sheng Huang and Hua Wang
Characteristics of Wetland Changes in Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang Province Based on GIS
Liyan Ren
Forecasting Model of Investment in Upstream Business of Oil Companies
Qing Wang, Xinqiang Wei, Qing Yang and Jing Zhao
A Method of Unexpected Exception Handling in Workflow Systems
Ding Xiao and Quanfeng Wang
Intelligent Information Technology Based Drug Knowledge Platform
Cunhua Li, Zhaoman Zhong and Hongwei Dai
Design and Implementation of FTP Search Engine Based on Lucene
Guanlin Chen and Mingming Chen
Research on Information Management System of Virtual R&D Network Base on Workflow
Ji-hua Lu
On Optimization-Based Deadline Division for Workflow Scheduling
Yonglei Yao and Li Ma
The Research and Application of Regional Synergy Medical Service Platform
Linna Xu, Weihe Zhong and Ying Zhao
Application of SQL Server Distributed Database in Seismic Precursor Network
Jianguo Wang, Shouwen Ji, Chunguo Liu, Hongjun Dong and Jingquan Cao
A Dynamic Optimal Replication Strategy in Data Grid Environment
Wuqing Zhao, Xianbin Xu, Zhuowei Wang, Yuping Zhang and Shuibing He
Perspective of Information Economy: Theoretical Model and Case Analysis of Enterprise Competition & Collaboration Ability
Yong Jiang and Liping Luo
The Evaluation on the Industrial Competitiveness of Beijing
Chun-mei Zheng, Xiong Kuang and Jing Chai
Design for a Information System of the Regional Land Use Change Based on GIS
Xuehui Ren, Wan Fu, Xiaofei Wang and Yuanling Zhang
Research on the Formation of Eco-Industrial Symbiosis Network Based on Stakeholders
Hongmin Zhang, Jianjian Li, Chunfa Li and Jingfeng Li
The Application of Max-Min Ant System Algorithm on the Maximum Flow Problem
Huazhu Song, Tianyang Xia and Jianli Xiao
Analysis on Database Connection Mechanism of WEB Application System in Dreamweaver
Jianming Yang, Zhaotong Zhang and Yuexia Zhao
Chinese AIS Network and Impact on the Maritime Management
Changchuan Lin, Haiqin Qiu, Yaoyu Qian, Xiaorui Hu and Liang Da
A Study on the Approaches of Ecological Reform of Tourism Industry
Yafang Li, Wanbin Zhu, Fu Chen and Lixin Guo
Research on the Evaluation Communication System GIS Software
Lijun Wan, Chenguang Zhao, Yan Zhang and Shide Zhao
The 3D Visualization Method of Medical Image Based on Grid
Guilai Han and Yuan Jiao
The Research in New Architecture of Petroleum Drilling Instrument System
BaoRong Zhong and Hong Du
Design and FPGA Realization of a Four-Wing Chaotic System
Zhong-lin Wang, Bin Deng, Cheng-xi Hou and Fu-an Yao
The Comprehensive Evaluation of Highway Network Based on GIS
Qiang Zhu and Yun Wen
Research and Use Eclipse RCP Technology in Grid GIS System
Zhong Xie, ChengLong Xiong and Liang Wu
Enterprise Management and Urban Management
The Analysis to the Selection of Development Mode Factors of China Civil Aircraft Industry
Ana Wang
Optimization of the Development Models for China Civil Aircraft Industry
Ana Wang
Research in Engagement System and Status of Performance Management of Some Henan Universities'
P.E. Teachers
Yong Qin
Optimal Allocation in Automatic Storage & Retrieval System Based on Flexsim Simulation
Jianliang Peng
Multiattribute Decision Making on Supplier Selection in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Yu-Wei Chang
On the Notion and Extension of Enterprise Intellectual Property Capability
Wei Li and Xuekai Xie
Optimal Incentive Wage Contracts under Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
Jianzhang Li
Fuzzy Evaluation on ERP Implement Performance Based on BSC
Ni-Di Zhou and Fa-Ming Zhou
Application of Markov-Model to Human Resource Planning
Yanli Wu
Genetic Algorithm Design in Urban Spatial Growth Modeling
Zhuo Yu and Zhihua Wu
Online Human Resources Management System for Wood Industry: Adhibition and Manipulation of the Online Human Resources Management System
Xujie Zhang and Yingcheng Hu
Solution to Urban Traffic Problem Based on Low-Carbon Development
Yao Zhang and Jinrong Cui
Based on SPC Algorithm and Public IT Platform Traffic Accidents Alarm and Control System
Li Yao, Jianhua Wu and Xin Zhao
Vitality Construction of Civil Servant System in Western Regions
Peng Wang
Analysis and Evaluation on Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise in Heilongjiang Province
Ying Yang and Yadong Fan
Investment Decision of Overseas Project for Petroleum Enterprises in Competitive Condition
Yuhua Zheng and Dongkun Luo
Research on the Competitive Advantage of Corporation from the View of Competence
Qingzhu Qi
The Horizon Cross-Shareholding and the Efficiency of Corporate M&A
Yabing Zhu
Using Balance Scorecard (BSC) to Evaluate Performance of Chinese Small and Middle Enterprises: Match or Not?
Han Zhang and Zhenghao Zhu
Research on the Coupling-Based Interaction Promoting Mechanism of Corporation's Core Competence in Regional Clusters
Ling-ling Jing
Study on Ecological Risk Remote Sensing Assessment Model under Urban Expansion
Xiaoxia Shi
Research in the Theoretical Model of Key Factors Influencing Chinese Enterprises' Cross-Cultural Integration
From the Perspective of National Culture
Yanzhao Tang and Liming Zhang
Research on Factors of Influencing Knowledge Transfer and Performance Evaluation Model among Supply Chain Members
Congwen Dong
Research on Construction of Logistics System of Life Solid Waste in Large-Scale Gathering
Yuan Tian, Ying-ying Zhou and Hao-jie Zhu
E-Business Supply Chain Management in Automobile Marketing Based on Internet
Zhiqiang Luan and Qiang Sun
Optimized Multi-Method Model for Construction Land Demand Forecast: A Case Study of the Main District of Xiangfan City
Xiaowei Yao, Zhanqi Wang and Shougeng Hu
Research on Competitiveness Promotion of Chinese Talent
Xiang Gao and Bo Wu
Research on Inventory Model for Non-Instantaneous Deteriorating Items Taking into Account Time Value of Money
Li-Qun Ji
Study on People-Oriented of Circulation Industry: Based a Sustainable Development Frame
Pingyu Yang and Junyang Li
On the Action Mechanism of Patent Forming Competitive Advantage
Wei Li and Jie Huang
The Managers' Factor of Fraudulent Financial Statement of the List Company and People-Oriented Controlling
Qingjie Chen
Study on Waste Pickers and Urban Management: Taking Beijing as an Example
Yan-fang Zhou and Qi-shui Chi
Human Capital and Regional Economic Growth: An Empirical Research Based on Panel Data of Eastern, Central and Western China
Hai-bin Han
Research on EKC of Liaoning Based on Principal Component Analysis
Xiangmin Li, Xiaofen Zhang and Chunmei Cheng
Research on the Cultivating Process of Talents in Higher Education Institutions Based on the Mode of Supply Chain Management
Jiang-tao Hong and Rui Chen
Cognition of Annuity of Employees in SMB, Increased or Decreased?
Juan Zhou
A Study on Design of Welfare Programs in High-Tech Enterprises
Peng Tian and Zhenzhu Wang
Evaluation of Property Insurance Companies' Business Performance Based on ANP
Kunfa Zheng, Jianmin He, Shouwei Li and Weigong Zhang
Evaluation on Competitiveness of Modern Service Industry Based on Catastrophe Theory
Xiang-dong Liu, Hong-li Jiang, Hui-liang Zhao and Chun-hua Ye
Game Model Analysis of Management System of State-Owned Assets for Business Operation
Xinhua Wang and Qun Feng
Research on the Spatial Scope of Airport Economic Zone
Danyang Shen and Yunchun Cao
The Application of the Job Characteristics Model in E-HR System
Qihang Zhang and Xiaodong Xu
T A Study of Incentive Mechanism of Regional Coal Enterprises Environment Conservation Based on Rank-Order Tournament (Not available at time of publication)
Chuang Li
Research on the Evaluation of Performance of Integration Emergency Supply Chain with an Application of the Analytic Network Process
Xianliang Shi and Lili Yang
A Research on Technological Innovation, External Social Capital and Growth of Firm: An Empirical Study Based on the Resource-Based Enterprises
Yanping Li, Fuping Ma and Shuting Song
Improved Grey Correlative Method for Green Vendor Selection in Coal Group
Yu-zhong Yang and Li-yun Wu
Analysis on Public Management and Service Land Valuation Based on Game Theory
Xin Wang and Lianwei Ren
The Enterprise Ecological Niche Problem and Their Ecological Countermeasure in Complicated Environment
Qingjun Meng and Jianping Wu
The Preliminary Exploration on Identifying the Financial Reporting Fraud by the Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Qingjie Chen
Impact of Construction Lands Expansion on Wetlands in Hangzhou
Liyan Ren
On Western Urban Governance
Fei Long
Characteristics of TMT and Technological Innovation: An Empirical Study Based on the Resource-Based Listed Companies
Shuting Song and Fuping Ma
Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method in Selecting Logistics Service Provider
Ti Song, Lianyu Wei, YunHua Li and WenXia Sun
Annual Comparative Analysis on the Comprehensive Development of China National Hi-Tech Zones Based on the Factor Analysis Method
Ying Zhao and Haifeng Wang
Comparative Study on Different Ownership Corporations Undertake CSR Focused on Labor Relations in China
Lanxia Zhang and Mingjiao Zhang
Emergy-Based Analysis of Ceramic Industry: Product Mix in Dehua
Bo Song, Qian Liu and Juan Sun
Evolution, Dynamics and Optimization of Maritime Transportation in Changshan Islands
Haizhuang Wang and Weixin Luan
Study of the Description Model of Equipment Mission Process Based on IDEF3
Jizhou Guo, Jiantao Li, Kai Wu and Yue Li
National Fitness and College Sports Venues Opening and Management Studies Paid
WeiPing Fu
Inter-City Traffic Card Management Systems Based on SOA and Mainframe
Kun Lu, Ling Xie and Tong Cheng
Study on Default Risk Management of Logistics Services Supply Chain Based on Double Principal-Agent Theory
Qian Li, Sheng-zhong Zhang and Qun-qi Wu
Value Effects and Evaluation Matrix of Financial Cooperative Control of Enterprise Group
Ziqin Feng
Strategic Supplier Selection for Product Development
Hui Xia
Research about Urban Intelligent Traffic Management System
Dong-yuan Cao
The Evolution of Firms' Capability Based on Vision
Weidong Li and Yanfang Cui
Quantitative Study to the Urban Sustainable Development Based on the View of System Coordination
Xuehui Ren, Lifang Cui, Ying Li and Xue Gao
The Correlation Empirical Analysis of China's Manufacturing Development Level and Personnel Training
Huanghua Xu, Wei Bu and Penghao Yang
Select the Supplier with Mixed-Strategy Equilibrium Model
Qiao Liu and Jie Xu
The Study on Building of Wu Han Logistics Center - from Logistics Finance Perspective
Shengbin Wang
The Research on the Incentive Mechanism on the Professional Managers in the Proxy-Agency Hotels
Weiwei Wu
The Emotion Management of Human Resources of Library
Shu-hong Yang
The Project Library Construction of General Urban Design as the Management Strategy of Urban Design
Xiang Yu, Qiang Li and Xing Liu
Research on Leading Industry Selection Index System of Resources City
Lijun Wan, Yan Zhang and Chenguang Zhao
Research on Landscape Pattern Dynamic Changes in Pingdingshan Mining Area Based on RS and GIS
Wenjun Li, Yunjia Wang and Wenjun Li
The Trends of the HRM Development of China in the ERA of Knowledge Economy
Zhihong Zhang
Motives of Supply Chain Collaboration on Technological Innovation: An Empirical Study in Yangtze Delta
Gaoxiang Lou and Haiyang Xia
Employee Performance Appraisal: Based on the Theory of Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Linying Wei and Xuming Lou
Comparison, Classification and System Completion of the Career Certification in China
Nan Zheng and Wen-yu Zhang
Incentive Mechanism Design on Human Capital Pricing of Enterprise
Zhihong Zhang
Reflection on the Disadvantage of the Traditional Education and Teaching in China
Wei Doc Liu and Shiyun Zhang
The Exploration for the Realization of State-Owned Enterprises' Property Power
Xian-Hai Li
Engineering Management, Project and Quality Management
Based on Formal Methods in Trustable Software Requirements Engineering
Honghao Gao and Shuoping Wang
Public Dominated Standardization: Evidence from AVS Case in China
Junbin Su and Vladislav V. Fomin
Research on the Incentive and Disciplinary Mechanism for the Owner to Strengthen the Management of the Engineering Consultancy in a Project
Xiaoli Yan and Feng Ye
Design about the Operating Mechanisms of the Vicarious Management Corporation Based on the Virtual Project Management Organization
Guodong Ni and Jianping Wang
Study on Allocation Mode of Science and Technology Award Bonus
Zidi Zhou and Jingnan Jiang
Assessment of Sustainable Development Capacity of the Cropland Conversion Program in Western China - Cases Study of Anding District in Gansu Province, Yichuan County in Shanxi Province, Zhungeer Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Ling Zhi, Yuan Zhang, Yutao Zhao and Zhiwei Tian
Priority Analysis of Management Method for the Workers' Unsafe Behaviors on Mine Construction Project
Ji-an Du, Jian-ping Wang, De-chun Ning and Wen-shun Wang
Research of the Project Management Method for the Whole Lifecycle of the Ocean Engineering
Yiting Zhan and Yujun Liu
Fuzzy Probability Method-Based Risk Assessment of Engineering Project
Zhangjun Liu, Min Xiong and Hongrui Ding
Government Incentives and Moral Hazard Prevention in Building Energy Efficiency
Hong-Wei Liu, Fei Li and Jun Li
Pricing Decisions Based on Service Quality for Public Projects Invested by Social Corporation
Shou-kui He and Shu Wang
Implement Environment and Countermeasures about the Lowest Tender Price Method in Bidding of Construction Engineering
Hong-Wei Liu and Zhuo-Fu Wang
Study on Land-Use Control Indictors for Rural Highway Construction
Jianfeng Liu and Yan Liu
Application of APF in Logistics Services
Ti Song, Lianyu Wei, YunHua Li and Wenxia Sun
ISO9000 Quality Management System and Its Application in Monitoring the Quality of Higher Vocational Education
Xue-Zhen Shao
On the Evaluation of Enterprise's Sustainable Innovation Capability Using the Main Constituents Projection Method
Yunlong Duan, Chunjin Duan, Hong Yang and Ming Chen
Analysis of the Demand Structure Based on Entropy Theory
Yulan Jiang and Gang Liu
Research on Index System of Highway Project Social Impact Post-Evaluation
Liming Xia, Shuping Chen, Jinshuang Pan and Li Meng
Research on the Early-Warning System with the Static Method for Bridge Safety
Wen Lin, Da-wen Peng and Hao Wu
Discussion on Lifecycle Management of Mine Construction Based-On Mining Information Model
Li Wang and Hui Zhang
The Mechanism Analysis of How Blue-Green Algae in Taihu Lake Affects the Residents' Quality of Life
Fuhua Sun, Juqin Shen, Jian Ji and Li Xu
A Perspective of Construction Enterprise Culture: Based on System Thinking
Dezhi Jin, Zhaotong Zhang, Meigui Han and Jianming Yang
Economic Design of EWMA Standard Deviation Charts Using Variable Sampling Policy
Li Xue, Yumin Liu and Jichao Xu
Research on the Investment Control of Agent Construction Project under Total Lump Sum Contract Model Based on Risk Allocation
Ling Yan and Yanrong Yang
Mechanism Analysis for the Impact of Water Pollution Emergencies on Employment - Taking Blue-Green Algae Incident in Taihu Lake as an Example
Juan Wang, Juqin Shen and Aimin Zhang
Financial Management
An Empirical Study of Market Reaction to Earnings Forecasts Revision
Zhi-ying Hu and Chen-yu Li
Property Rights System and Financial Development, Economic Growth: Developing Country's Evidence
Fangchun Peng
An Empirical Comparison between Mean-Variance Model and Minimax Model without Riskless Asset
Zhuwu Wu and Xuefeng Song
A Research on Corporate Social Responsibility from the View of Risk and Income
Tingting Huang and Yongsheng Ge
The Risk Self-Adaptive Mechanism of an Enterprise in the Uncertain Environment
Yong Tang
Technology Capital, Factor Endowment and Industry Development
Xinyu Ma and Gang Chen
Retrospection on the Reform Practice of Chinese Social Welfare Institution
Yingying Meng and Dasong Deng
Research on Operational Risk Management Framework for Commercial Banks in Internet World - Based on McKinsey 7S Model
Jing-xin Chen and Wei Liu
Research on Herd Behavior of Fund Companies and the Funds' Equity Investments
Zuo-xing Huang, Shao-rong Sun and Yun-sheng Qiao
Clustering Effect of Style Based on Pearson Correlation: Example of SSE50 Sample Stocks
Fei xue Huang, Xin Zhao and Cheng Li
Study on Approach of Cost Risk Assessment in Bidding Phase
Jian Wang, Songjun Guan and Dong-qing Lin
Evaluation and Solutions of Tourism Developing Risk
Yaoqing Yuan
Empirical Study of Dollar Index's Dynamic Effects on the Closing Price of China Spot Gold Market
Fei xue Huang and Cheng Li
A Robust Optimization Model of Social Security Fund Asset Allocation
Huiliang Zhao and Youhua Wu
The Quantitative Analytic Research of Extenics by VAR on the Risks of the Financial Derivatives Markets
Shiguang Lin
Study on Urban Public Safety Risk Assessment Based on Protected Objects
Bingxue Song, Yushu Xie, Baoqian Dai and Tong Wang
A Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for Risk of Virtual Enterprise
Fei Lv and Zhixue Liu
Forecasting the Fluctuation of Oil Price Based on Hull-White Model
Yongqing Shang, Zhen Wang, Qing Wang and Lidong Zhong
Regarding Advantages of IP Financing Security Based on Certified Asset Purchasing Price
Jiajun Zhu, Jinbing Li and Weiye Xue
Research upon Risk Contagion of Industrial Cluster Based on SEIRD Model
Ya-ming Shi and Jian-min He
Economic Analysis of Good Faith Behavior Choice for Enterprises in Market Transaction
Liguo Xia
Research on the Method of Evaluating Risks of Venture Capital
Erping Zhao
A Study on Characteristics of China Open-End Fund Flow Changes Based on Quantile Regression
Xia Wang and Xinyu Wang
Study on the Uncertainties of Transportation Network in Emergency Evacuation Management
Ling Zhang, Fansen Kong and Qingfeng Sun
Research on RMB Internationalization under Reform of International Monetary System
Yuning Zhan
Corporate Financial Distress Predicting Based on Rough Sets and PCA-RBFN Model
Fanping Kong and Shiwei Zhu
Research on Disclosure Level of Non-Financial Information of Listed Banks in China
Li Fu and Qiang Jia
The Influence on Finance Competition of Local Governments to Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in China
Lizhi Tang, Chen Lu and Penghui Guo
Changes of Returns and Risks for the China-ASEAN Equity Portfolios before and after FACEC and Their Implications
Liguang Wu and Weibin Chen
Study on Evaluation of Risk in Emergency Material Reserve Entrusted to Other Enterprises
Min Wang, Yongjun Liu, Hong Jiao and Laichun Xu
Risk Analysis on Implementation of MIS in Construction Enterprises
Jing Chen
Knowledge Management
Comprehensive Evaluation of Intellectual Capital Based on BP ANN around ZheJiang Province
Li rong Sun and Xiao xia Li
Modeling of the Knowledge Absorptive Capacity for a Modern Service Enterprise
Yuanjian Qin and Xinyan Zhu
The Design and Application of Graphical Workflow Technology to Office System
Yanlin Zhang
Research on the Motivations for Knowledge Sharing in Different IT Contexts
Tao Li and Min Li
Research on Structure and Growth of Technology Business Incubator Competitiveness: A Knowledge Perspective
Fugang Hao and ZHigao Chen
On the Chinese Auto Parts Enterprises Information Systems Planning Methods and Model Selection
Hongying Wang and Wenshan Wang
Research on the Collaborative Product Innovation Integration of New and Hi-Tech Enterprise Clusters
Guangjun Ou and Yongzhou Li
A Model of Tax Performance Management Based on Knowledge-Sharing
Pei-shan Sun and Zhi-ping Fan
Study on Growth of Basic Network Information Resources of China
Junping Qiu and Feng Ma
Critical Success Factors of Information System: An Empirical Study Based on Multiple Linear Regression
Rao Li and Zhigao Chen
Design and Analysis of Aviation Human Factors KMS
Wang Lei
Discuss on the Library User Education in the Information Environment
Li-hua Zhu
Business Strategy for the Telecommunication Industry in Digital Convergence
Wen-Hwa Liao and Yih-Hann Horng
The Research on the Development Countermeasures of IETM in Chinese Shipbuilding Industry
Wei Luo and Zhaohui Sun
Some Issues Concerning the Right of Broadcasting Information by Network in the Digital Television Video on Demand
Hanjun Chen
Research on Trust-Based Tacit Knowledge Transfer Model Based on Non-Linear Polya Processes
Xin Dong and Jiming Cao
The Carriers of Enterprise Education in Colleges and Universities
Wenshan Wang and Hongying Wang
Marketing and Service Science
The Theory and Empirical Research of Services Marketing Measures Based on the Perceived Value
Jingdong Chen and Jiao Xue
The Influence Study on Internet Marketing Strategies to Product Value
Jingdong Chen and Wei Han
An Empirical Study on the Evaluation Model of Service Quality of Outlets
Min Li, Ying-li Zhang, Zai-xian Du and Xiao-zhong Tang
Enterprise ITSM Implementation Model under Social Computing Mode
Liang Weng and Baozhang Weng
A Study on the Relationship Quality in Marketing Channels and Factors Affecting It
Tao Wang, Hongliang Li and Fangwen Zhou
Research on the Running Security System of China's Security Housing Policy
Xiaoyan Wang and Tumei Xian
The Analysis on the Impact of Human Capital to China's Rising Service Trade Competitiveness
Wei Wei and Ai Xu
Vertical Cooperative Advertising Model and Retailer's Order Policy under Retailers' Competition
Yuan-yuan Lu
Service Industry in Liaoning: Problems and Countermeasures
Xiangmin Li, Zhigang Wu and Chunmei Cheng
Medical Records Service Management in the Hospitals
Qing-Qing Zeng, Juan-Juan Du and Ke Tang
Going to Harmony: A Review on the Theoretical Supporting System of Regional Economic Coordinate Development
Chunhua Ye, Jianmin He, Haowei Yang and Shouwei Li
Research on Relevancy between Circulation Industry and National Economy Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis
Jing Cao
On Applying "The Service Theatre Theory" into Improvements in Service Quality of Sichuan Folk Custom Tourism
Qiong Li and Jiabin Wang
The Impact of Customer Participation on Customer Attribution in Service Failure---The intermediary functions of expectation and perceived control
Tao Wang, Hongliang Li and Xiaofan Yang
Advertising Models on Social Networks for SMEs-An Advertising Methodology
Natalia Beloff and Palashi Pandya
Risk Identification of FM Service Outsourcing Based on Outsourcing Life Cycle
Jiming Cao and Junqing Zhang
Other Related Topics
Facial Expression and Gesture Low-Dimensional Analysis
Qiang Qiao
The Improvement of the Fusion Algorithm of Web Page Filtering System
Zhongjun Du and Xiaoli Xu
The Analysis of the Land Annual Rent System with Reduced House Price
Wang Hong
The Research on Supply-Induced Demand in Medical Service Based on KMRW Reputation Model
Fan Zhang
Label System on Cartesian Coordinate by Using a Digital Camera
Chin-Tun Chuang, Cheng-Pei Tsai, Tien-Yu Tang and Yu-An Cho
The Communication System Constructing Image Together with Data Supervising
Shyang-Lih Chang, Yu-An Cho, Cheng-Pei Tsai and Sei-Wan Chen
The Non-Contact Landslides Monitoring System for Long-Distance
Ming-Chih Lu, Tien-Yu Tang, Cheng-Pei Tsai and Yu-An Cho
The Mapping from Entity Data Model to Relational Data Model
Yang Liu and Hongxing Liu
Information Age "Value Chain Modularity" and the Enlightenment
ZhiQiong Ge
Research on Tendency of Equipment Management Standardization under Informationization
Song Gao and Yong-jun Ruan
Measuring the Effect of Food Safety Incidents on China's Food Export: A Case Study on Aquatic Products
Huanan Liu, Jinrong Zheng, Jing Zhang and Liping Liu
The Maximal Peak of Anamorphic Fractional Correlation
Shiwei Xie and Hongying Xiao
The Design of Optimal Fractional Orders by Simulated Annealing
Shiwei Xie and Hongying Xiao
The Study of Government Performance Appraisal Based on Government Work Report
DaYu Liu and XiuLing Ma
Assessing Forecasting Model Performance for Distributed Stream Processing Systems
Huafeng Deng, Linhui Zhong and Maosheng Ye
Research on Chinese Household or Livestock Farms Biogas Practical Energy Technologies
Bo Zhang and Hongbo Chen
On the Impacting of China's Automobile Industry by the Implementation of Low-Carbon Economy
Jun-tao Xiao
Decision Making of Hotel Room Allocation: A Statistic Game
Jingpu Song, Mahmut Parlar and Qingda Yuan
Investigation of the Best Response Function for Hotel Revenue Management with Concurrent Bookings of Two Fare Classes
jingpu Song, Qingda Yuan and Shuang Chen
A Novel Dynamic Overlay Routing Mechanism Based on Real-Time Probing Measurements
Jingyu Ding, Yaohui Jin and Jiajin Le

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